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InrecoLAN Use-Case Machine  v.1.0

Development framework for implementing desktop/web applications directly from use case scenarios. Generalization, inclusion and extension relations between use cases are also supported by the framework.

Use Case Maker  v.1.0

Use Case Maker helps software developers to write organized use cases and to maintain related requirements.

Use Case Describtor  v.1.0

The Use Case Describtor eases the creation and reading of casual to fully dressed use case describtions using XML.

Use Case Tool  v.1.0

Tool to write use cases. An XSD is provided that defines an XML language for writing use cases. Use cases are then written easily in any (XSD-aware) XML editor. The use case structure is inspired by Alistair Cockburn and his book "Writing ...

Simple Use Case Documentation Tool  v.1.2

This is a simple tool with a user interface to key in use case text and spell out PDF documentation. Each use case will have the following captured. 1) Use Case Name 2) Page over view. 3) Pre conditions 4) Wireframe (image) 5) ...

Test Case Manager Lite  v.1.0.1

TCMLite is a free, simple, highly configurable test case management tool enabling you to design, write, and execute your test cases.

Xuse requirements & use case management  v.01.00.00.rc2

Xuse manages requirements, use cases & other artefacts that drive software design. Xuse focuses on clear documentation & communication. It defines an XML data model for requirements & use cases with XSLT providing multiple derived views:

Legal Practice Case Manager  v.1.0

Legal case management solution for private law firms and legal organizations. Manage Cases, Notes, Names, Calendars, To Do List, Deadlines, Conflict Check, and reporting. A total solution for managing a busy law office.

Knobjex Information Manager  v.2.60

Knobjex (short for Knowledge Objects) is an interesting and easy-to-use information-manager that uses a networked approach to store information. Any item (or 'knowlegde-object') can have multiple parents and multiple children. Allthough meant to be a

BlackBox Password Manager  v.2.9

BlackBox Password Manager is a free lightweight and easy-to-use password manager for Windows which will remember all your passwords. Yes, all of them. The application stores your passwords in a highly encrypted local database. This database consists

Easy Hotkeys Manager  v.1.5

Easy Hotkeys Manager - powerful hotkey manager, which helps you manage a wide range of system hotkeysEasy Hotkeys Manager is a powerful and easy-to-use hotkey manager. It provides you with additional means to control applications, windows, and other

CyberMatrix Meeting Manager CS  v.8.18

CyberMatrix Meeting Manager CS is a user-friendly multi-user client/server application for reserving meetings and meeting room resources. Meeting schedules can be accessed throughout your intranet or even the Internet. Use Meeting Manager to reserve

CyberMatrix Meeting Manager Web  v.8.11

CyberMatrix Meeting Manager Web is a user-friendly web browser-based application for reserving meetings and meeting room resources. Meeting schedules can be accessed throughout your intranet or even the Internet. Use Meeting Manager to reserve

TRUC - Tracking Requirements & Use Cases  v.0.12.0

TRUC is a web-based tool for requirement and use case tracking. It has fileupload, discussions, version control, usecase history, build and release management. It supports assignment of requirements & use-cases to releases and filtering over all

GPS Manager Framwork  v.1.0

GPS Manager is a desktop program. User can use it manager car or navigate use GPS and GIS on map and control the car to stop or start, and moniter the car's status (such as oil, lamp, and so on).

Fund Manager  v.1.0

Fund Manager helps to keep track of stock prices being traded in BSE and NSE. Simply add stock alert and let fund manager notify you when the price target is reached. Want to know how to use Fund Manager, visit ...

SVDP's Case Management  v.1.0

A web based case manager, scheduler, time tracking, and report generator for the Society of St. Vincent dePaul. This software allows case workers to reduce all paperwork and increase efficiency.

Easy Recipe Manager  v.

The simplest, easiest-to-use recipe manager that keeps track of all your favorite online recipes.

Maxlist  v.1.0

maxlist is a fork of PhpList, a newsletter manager.The code was deeply changed so there are features of the original phpList andnew ones.It uses smarty, generates XHTML strict, uses an AJAX layer, italian language,multi-istance, and use case based.

SDE for NetBeans (CE) for Windows  v.4.3

SDE for NetBeans is a full-featured UML CASE tool seamlessly integrated with NetBeans. SDE supports full software development life-cycle - analysis, design, implementation, testing and deployment. SDE supports reverse engineering (Java code to UML

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